About ABC Liberty

In a world with the mainstream favoring state-control over self-control, free-market economics is given the narrative of a fringe conspiracy. For younger students learning the anti-capitalist narrative of history in government schools, college students learning arithmetic for the magic “economic multiplier”, or employees in need of ammunition for their statist coworkers, ABC Liberty aims to deliver relevant and in-depth defenses of laissez-faire economics on a weekly basis. 

Economics can be most simply defined as the science of human action and can prove useful to any career or vocation. Laissez-faire economics, translating to “hands-off”, stands in defense of the natural human rights of self-ownership and property, showing its benefits in terms of both individual liberty and prosperity. 

ABC Liberty posts will be published every other day, focusing on business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, taxation, and more. A.B.C. is inspired by Austrian Business Cycle theory and discussions will generally follow the teachings and traditions of the Austrian School of Economics. 

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